IMM Klassik records your projects on location using the latest digital technology in sound recording and our experienced team of talented engineers. Sonic excellence is one of our priorities in order to project your music for the online audience.


Music production is finely worked on by our experienced team of producers. This way the best best musical moments are recorded on location. Digital editing should be a creative process in production to make final decisions.

Digital distribution

We make sure the world knows about your music. This is why we distribute to more than 30 digital music platforms worldwide. We also offer strategic marketing campaigns to position your music in sectors of your target listeners.

Welcome to the Jazz & Classical music label


IMM Klassik is specialised in worldwide production and distribution of  Jazz & Classical productions. We believe in online distribution due to the improvement in quality which can be obtained by formats superior to mp3 such as FLAC, WAV & DXD rather than the limitations found nowadays in CD Audio. We guide our artists through the whole process from the recording, music production, art design and digital distribution in order to have a high level of quality control and excellence of our products. The art of thinking with sound IMM Klassik, welcome !




Whats next?

We are looking forward to hear about your music projects and ideas. If you are a conductor, soloist, ensemble, orchestra or  festival wanting to produce and publish with us keep us posted.