Recording Isabel Villanueva’s latest project

Last week we were in ADDA Auditorium Alicante with Isabel Villanueva [Viola Soloist] and François Dumont [pianist] recording Villanueva’s latest fascinating project covering music from composers who spent residency in Paris in the 19 century and wrote music for Viola & Piano. Between these we find Martinú, Granados, Hahn, Liszt …

The acoustics chosen were the chamber hall at ADDA Alicante and grand piano Steinway D provided and tuned by Clemente Pianos.

The recording was taken care of with Digital audio Denmark (DAD) preamps and converters and a variety of microphones including Schoeps, Neumann and B&K. This is already considered a quality standard at ‘IMMKlassik/Stage’ productions.

Villanueva and Dumont will soon be publishing their project with ‘IMMStage’.